How To Set Up An Influencer Strategy

Influencers implements targeted communication with a defined audience. So that they can improve the image of a brand or influence the way they think or behave. It has always existed, but strategies have evolved digitally at the same time, allowing brands to diversify their operations. The goal is to create traffic while gaining visibility.

When you want to set up an influencer strategy, you need to integrate how the channels will have the greatest impact on the customer.


You must know the specific purpose for which you want to apply this strategy. Whether you want to increase your visibility to increase your reputation. Or, whether you launch a new product or service, or even strengthen your position in a particular market, you need to set goals. From here, things get trickier and this is where the real message comes in! To be able to choose the best channel to convey your message, it is important to identify it well, understand its requirements and aspirations.

Influence is acquired through:

  • Your visibility: advertising, press relations, organization of events, use of different social networks. Also Adwords campaigns, sponsorship, collaboration with influencers (influencer marketing)
  • Your expertise: Distribute quality content (brand content) with articles, white papers, or conference groups.
  • Your relationship with your customers: Customer service should not be neglected. Because a satisfied customer will recommend your brand and improve your image through it.

As an influencer strategy, to stay away from competition, it is necessary to find new ways to reach customers. That’s why brands are collaborating more with influencers on social networks. It can be on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. Remember that an influencer is not necessarily a blogger. He can be a journalist, be an expert in any activity, or can be followed by many subscribers of social networks.

Influence with new tools

Before the digital age, we were mostly influenced by our loved ones. Take the example of a nearby store. Without the internet and social networks, it is impossible for him to communicate without talking! Some salespeople or their quality products become very influential just for the sake of love.

There are many ways to establish an impact strategy today: through journalists and bloggers. But thanks to the micro-influencers on social networks. They have a small community but they have gained full confidence in it and thus made a particularly significant impact.

Influencer marketing is a new and popular digital trend in today’s business world. This trend of brands collaborating with influencers who have gradually adapted to every communication profession. They have profoundly transformed the work of the traditional press relationship.

When you run an influencer marketing campaign, the choice of influencer and the media is essential. The same goes for the choice of other micro or macro-influencers.

Influential people do not have the same interest. They have their own editorial line and they have their own community, which has different needs. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. So by spreading your message, you will reach exactly the person you want to reach. She can eventually be your brand ambassador.

Choose the right social networks and influencers

The influencer’s influence is growing significantly. And they are present on multiple social networks: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn. Determine who will be most effective in spreading your message. Then get interested in different influential communities. The engagement of your customers should be taken into consideration by you. Some influencers generate a huge audience, but in general, their community has little engagement. Their interactions with posts: likes, comments, shares, and responses. According to Jocial’s survey, the percentage of Instagram accounts with 1,000–10,000 followers, compared to 1.6% for accounts of more than one million followers, 16% is micro-influencers who are considered a reliable and authentic source. And Internet users feel a stronger bond with them.

There are plenty of methods by influencers, we have put a few to guide you.

The Buzzkit: the principle is to send your products to test, the blogger films himself trying them and can give his impressions at the same time. This makes the operation authentic, less staged. The buzzkit is often coupled with the following method.

Unboxing: it is the opening of the package directly with the products to be tested.

Content sponsorship: with a blog post or just a publication, the goal here is to go viral.

Product placement: method already used in the world of cinema for a long time. Here we will place the product in the background of a photo or video of the influencer.

The takeover: here we give control of an account of a company or a brand during a given period. The change in editorial content is supposed to grab the attention of the community following you and create more visibility and engagement.

The best way for an influencer to sell a business or brand is to offer the product or service for free. Once a business relationship is established, an agreement must be reached. It can determine what kind of payment the influencer will be entitled to. The company can then set an amount at the beginning of the marketing campaign or based on Internet users’ clicks, comments, and other “likes”. It may decide to offer benefits such as gift cards and VIP invitations to exclusive events. The truth remains that the company or brand must ensure a close and lasting relationship with the influencer. So that this opinion prevents the leader from leaving him or he utters a negative opinion.

Conclusion :

As with any marketing activity, the ultimate goal is to track results. And it can be done by measuring the level of engagement and the reach of the message by sharing content.

In your influencer strategy, you need to choose the appropriate distribution channels for the message you want to convey. Letters of cooperation with influencers of brands are frequent nowadays. But don’t forget that these influencers will present your brand. And by accepting sponsored posts for their rival brands, for example, you have the ability to improve your own image or vice versa. The challenge here is to build partnerships with key influencers. Especially those who will protect exclusivity for you: you will gain credibility. Which one is best suited for your strategy?